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My mission is to search out and find the best places to enjoy a great cup of Joe in San Diego. And have some laughs along the way. I hope to reveal quality in traditional coffee houses and non-traditional alike (diners/cafes/breakfast spots).

And when I say enjoy, it implies that there is more to the enjoyment of coffee than just its taste and aroma. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the atmosphere and culture of the coffee house or cafe that makes it feel like home. A place of belonging, relaxation where the senses are stimulated and creativity is unleashed with wild abandon.

Okay, so your je ne sais quoi may be a little different from mine, but you get the picture. Let’s just say, it is the SOUL of a place—a certain something—a collective consciousness that you immediately tap into. That is what I hope to capture.

If you get your kicks off hoity toity reviews where points are applied to coffee like wines, and vocabulary is used that no normal human being uses in conversation—EVER—then move on my friend.

I’m of the philosophy that like beauty, art and wine, what you like is in the eye, or palate rather, of the beholder. But the fun comes in the telling of how good when it is good. I hope you’ll stay tuned. Feel free to subscribe below :).

Sleeplessly Yours,

Jessica Percifield

P.S. If you know a Roaster, Cafe or Coffee House in your area that you’d like to see featured here, just Tweet me. You can bet I’ll be up.

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