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Cafe Moto, Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA. More photos at San Diego Joe’s Facebook page

I just want to round you all up on my short bus of coffee love and take you on a field trip to the Barrio… Beyond the razor wire, industrial buildings and deserted lots you’ll be transported over the rainbow to a happy little place called Cafe Moto. You may recognize the name. It’s logo has most likely unknowingly burned itself into your cerebellum from frequenting your favorite cafes across San Diego. That’s right, the coffee you’re drinking right now may have come from somewhere over the rainbow. Just follow the yellow logo… Oh, Gawd! Who am I kidding with this Wizard of Oz metaphor?

Look, remember at 17, when that piercing blue-eyed, big-armed hottie picked you up and you stayed out ALL night making out in the back seat of his mustang? And he made you feel things you’d NEVER felt before? Yeah, that’s Cafe Moto. Only this guy, he rides a black chrome Harley and has a few tats that scream “Experience” and you want to jump on his Harley and ride Sally ride!

He makes you feel naive, young, inexperienced, like a virgin… You thought you knew a lot about coffee, but being here, now, taking in the vastness of his operation, you realize you’ve only begun your journey into the world of coffee. You feel uncultured, vulnerable, exposed, but he’s all too willing to teach you things if you just stay awhile…

He’s not just a purveyor of rich, caffeine enriched blends like his Jack 30, but also, one of the largest purveyors of loose leaf teas. His shop carries a global collection of his travels expressed in tastes, aromas and sexy little tools he’s happy to show you how to use. And if by chance you should show up doe-eyed on a Friday, he’ll offer you a dark chocolate cupcake with a real cherry in it, topped with cherry cream cheese frosting…

He’s probably only being helpful, but you’ll think it was just to commemorate your first time…that you were special in some way. Then you find yourself thinking about him…day dreaming about the moment his bold rich coffee touched your lips…and you find yourself coming in often to buy something you forgot…maybe swinging by after hours just to be sure he’s alone…and before you know it, you’re no longer greeted with kind smiles by his staff, but mumblings under their breath about “Stage Five Clinger!”

But it’s okay, you can still take a little something warm that smells of him when you go and that’s enough…it has to be enough…

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