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Swami’s Cafe 8284 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91941. Other locations in Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside. 

You wake in a sweat. It’s late morning. The night before is a blur of Magic Mike, cheap wine, expensive wine, free shots (of what you can’t be sure, but they tasted good). Maybe you shouldn’t have joked about rohypnol with the way your head is pounding… You look around, seriously contemplating the hair of the dog that bit you remedy. But you were bit by so many damn dogs last night finding out which it was would be near impossible, besides you’re sure you’re still drunk; the seemingly long, but short walk down the hallway to your your friend’s bathroom feels like traversing a fishing vessel on the high seas. You know what you need and fast—coffee and a damn good breakfast mi Amigo!

Nothing puts your liver, stomach and head on the road to recovery like hand selected fresh from the farmer’s market brunch, and great coffee from Gavina. With a family legacy stretching back to 1870, Gavina does not disappoint. That Familia knows their coffee beans and their history. If you like your coffee Black, and don’t order something frilly, like moi (soy latte, please and thank you), then you really must try Swami’s Blueberry coffee from their open coffee bar. Amazing. Never thought of pairing my favorite berry with my favorite beverage. Turns out to be a great tasting idea. Muy bien! Magnifico! Which, I believe is Spanish for—Brilliant! Come on! High School was a long time ago para mi.

Swami’s is a solid cafe when you’re in need of some damn good local grub and damn good coffee. Since I’m finishing this review on Hunter S. Thompson’s 75th Birthday, I have a very Hunter-esk endorsement for Swami’s, “Buy the ticket, take the ride San Diego!”

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    THE BEST DR. PEPPER EVER. also, zucchini is amazing, as well as the fries. :)
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