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@SPACEBAR internet cafe in La Mesa has a Nicaraguan whole bean coffee “Mindfully Roasted and Packaged” especially for them by Cafe Virtuoso that is so mind-blowingly-delish, I added it to my Christmas gift packages this last Holiday. My brother now insists that along with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, I make sure to include HIS coffee from here on out.

The reason this medium-dark roast is so amazing is the soil in which it is planted. This particular bean came from a coffee planted in soil previously used for cocoa, so the chocolate worked into the soil worked its way into the beans themselves—which gives it a pleasing aroma and taste that makes every morning feel like Christmas (minus the screaming kids crying about hating the scratchy sweater Grandma knitted them). No more pretending to be good year round. It’s Christmas in a cup. Just order, grind, brew and jingle-jingle it’s time to mingle.

Merry—whatever time of year it is! Enjoy!

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